Machine Gun Kelly – “Champion”

Anyone else as obsessed as I am…??!! C’mon! Wel… at least try to sing along while you’re here…

alla ya’ll better wake up now
everyone’s a little late right now
keep it real, i’m a little high
how the fuck you gonna hate right now

remember my first single, chea, well it’s doing great right now
took a five hundred thou out the gate straight to the bank right now
shit is wicked in the city so i gotta semi in on the waste right now

everybody fuckikng with me and if you ain’t then you out of place right now

everybody ain’t real
everybody can’t be us
everybody stay losing
that makes us champions

i take that title
til they wave like that title

introducing me to billy jean
shit, i’ll take that michael

trynna bring that paper in, my paper thin like that that bible
god it’s heavy, we are stacking benjamins, til it’s that eiffel

i came, straight from, selling nickle bags
out my baby momma’s pad, just to get a meal
straight from putting similak, in the wallmart bag, tryinna make a steal

straight from burning one thosand, cd’s, with my name on it
i presented what the game wanted
and, mufucka we just trynna get a meal

now the shaker grad boy, signed to the bad boy
i ain’t gettin cheescake
no, this aint’ make another band homeboy

oh is that my bitch, god damn, she columbi-an, homeboy
every since i got some ands homeboy
haters trynna be my friends homeboy

pull up in a tour, bus, everbody know what’s, going on, in there
bathroom, all the pantys dropping lotta, pretty bitches, pretty long hair
imma talk, my shit, bitch i came in the game as the rookie of the year
Blake Griffin, Kyrie, Stoudemire—who you talking bout–amadestar amir

yeah and still a couple people gotta problem with up in hater magazine mean

fader magazine
tell the journal it’s cycle like’s in the second on my jeans
choke motherfucker chocke, none of my fans open up your fucking magazine
lucky i dont’ jermain come up in your office and blow up your fucking magazine

Charlemagne won’t like me
what’s his name wont’ fight me
i’m a hype individual, god damnit, hide these, hide me

maybe because I wasn’t a good kid, in a m.a.a.d city like, kendrick
i was just a little, bad mufucka, begging landlord to be a tennant

begin everyone to give my song a listen
trynna get out-the shitty job position
trynna get this 24 karot gold toilet coz didn’t have a pot to piss in
–you gone be alright–
but it’s okay, i’m still maintaining
na-na-na man fuck that

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