Music soundbites.


Churchill – “Change”

Another band that’s about to blow up in 20-13. This Denver group is slowly making it’s way into mainstream radio. Good, fresh ish for those ear drums.

Check out Churchill’s 2013 Tour Dates and info.


Iggy Azalea (ft. T.I.) – “Murda Bizness”

Iggy Azalea is one bad Aussie B with a killer body! Not only does she make it look easy, but she has one of the freshest twangs I’ve heard in a while. Not to mention, she’s got T.I. backing her up … not too shabby. Check her and Tip out below.

**Everybody dressed to kill | bang bang **

More Iggy
If you like her vibe, I suggest you check out her mixtape! My fave is the ridiculous Pu$$y song. Yes, that’s with $dollar$ signs 😛


Machine Gunk Kelly (ft. Dub-O, Ray Jr, Tezo, JP, Pooh Gutta) – “Ratchet”

Here’s that dirty BIFC ratchet, courtesy of no one other than the EST click, including my favorite white boy lyricist Machine Gunk Kelly!

For those wanting to get down and dirty with the lingo, Urban Dictionary pretty much sums up the definition of the word Ratchet.

Ratchet Vide
Tasteful is not the word I would use to describe it… but gotta have it for ya’ll to see!


Skylar Grey (ft. Eminem) – “C’mon Let’s Ride”

Anyone else as excited as I am for Eminem’s new ish? Skylar’s pretty good herself 😉


John Legend – “Who Did That to You”

A great song from the Django soundtrack. Not what I’m used to hearing from John Legend. My Shazam thought this song was Glasses Malone’s Let It Go … ? First time it


50 Cent (ft. Eminem & Adam Levine) – “My Life”

Great collab. Eminem and Adam killing it on 50’s new ‘My Life’ track.


Future (ft. Kelly Rowland) – “Neva End”

Kelly Rowland, making her rounds on random tracks. I’m liking this one, and this new guy Future. (New in the sense that he’s finally getting some traction). Another one ready to blow up. C’mon radio, get on this!

Neva End Official Video


Kid Ink (ft. Meek Mill and Wale) – “Bad Ass”

Brilliant. The official new Kid Ink single! Can’t wait for Kid Ink to really blow up. This track’s one of my faves, besides Hell and Back.

Rocketship Shawty Mixtape


No Doubt (ft. Busy Signal, Major Lazer) – “Push and Shove”


Here you go … some new No Doubt ish that’s sounding extra squishy. Dig it. Love it. Want more of it.


Beautiful black and white video.


French Montana ft. Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Red Cafe & King Los – “Ocho Cinco”

Some of today’s Bad Boy label greats acting a fool and dropping some lyrics … great soundbites to start it off!

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